Who We Are

The Caribbean Centre for Family and Human Rights (CARIFAM) is a non-profit charitable organization dedicated to protecting the family, human rights and human dignity. We advocate for full enjoyment of fundamental human rights for all peoples, and for the strengthening of the family unit as an essential foundation of these rights.

Our ongoing programs are aimed at alleviating poverty, improving access to quality health care and education, and giving people the tools and information they need to empower themselves and their communities. We work directly with individuals, families, and communities with full respect for their dignity, cultural, and religious beliefs.

At CARIFAM, we advocate as well as offer solutions. We provide help, and support services through the following programmes which are in various stages of development and implementation:- The Family Centre, Oasis.


To be the foremost organization in the Caribbean dedicated to the protection and promotion of fundamental human rights premised on the inherent dignity of the human person.


  • To work towards building strong, healthy Caribbean societies and economies by building strong, healthy families
  • To implement programmes and projects as and when necessary for the support and sustenance of the family and to protect and promote fundamental human rights
  • To educate and sensitize on matters relating to the family, human rights and related issues, and to keep Caribbean people informed of regional and international developments which affect the family
  • To train and equip persons across the region to advocate on behalf of the family and human rights

Our History

In 2003, the people of the wonderful island state of Saint Lucia were awoken to the harsh reality of the disregard for human life and human dignity.

Surreptitiously, the Government of Saint Lucia tried to sneak into Parliament an amendment hidden in the 1,000 clause draft Criminal Code of Saint Lucia, which would have had the effect of legalizing abortions through all stages of pregnancy. The people of Saint Lucia would not have been aware of this until the legislation had been enacted. This occurred in the midst of increasing crime, higher unemployment rates and a decline in our quality of life resulting from a breakdown of family life.

Sarah Flood-Beaubrun, the founder of CARIFAM, was at the time a Member of Parliament and Minister of Home Affairs and Gender Relations. Her own Cabinet colleagues were slyly attempting to pass this legislation while she was on maternity leave. She responded with courage, focus and zeal leading the opposition to this covert act.

As there had been no prior lobbying or any public consultations by citizens on this matter, it has been widely suggested that pressure to legalize abortion in this manner originated from outside the Caribbean region from pro-abortion and anti-life organizations and entities.

As a result of her opposition Sarah Flood – Beaubrun was cynically dismissed from Cabinet.

There continues to be ongoing objection to this piece of legislation in Saint Lucia.

Our Caribbean

Since the passage of the abortion legislation in Saint Lucia, every other Caribbean nation has come under increasing pressure to liberalize abortion laws and amend various pieces of legislation promoting a permissive and indulgent value system that is destroying our societies. Thankfully, learning from the Saint Lucian experience, citizens from across the Caribbean have not been caught completely off guard and individual citizens and organizations have come forward from Jamaica to Trinidad and Tobago to defend and protect human life and human dignity.

United Nations

In 2008 the CARIFAM Founder was appointed as the Deputy Permanent Representative for Saint Lucia to the United Nations. There, within the walls of the United Nations she witnessed a well-orchestrated and relentless attack on human life, the natural family and established social norms. Weaker, less developed nations are increasingly coming under intense pressure to accept highly controversial terminology in resolutions in the name of “human rights”. These seek to normalize unnatural and unhealthy sexual behaviors and to include these terms even in child-centered programs so that these behaviors could be inculcated in children in their earliest stages of learning. Developing countries including CARICOM have recently been publicly threatened that development aid will be withheld if they do not liberalize laws promoting “gay rights” as “human rights”. Our urgent needs such as alleviating poverty and improving access to health and education are ransomed in order to promote so called “rights” based on “sexual orientation” a highly controversial term which lacks clear definition, and which has not been accepted by the majority of UN Member States.


Sarah Flood-Beaubrun is a Saint Lucian Attorney who has had a distinguished career of public service in Saint Lucia. She became known in Caribbean political circles in 1997 when she historically defeated the sitting Saint Lucian Prime Minister at the polls to become the second woman to be elected to Parliament in Saint Lucia.

Sarah served a total of eight years as a government minister from 1997–2004 and is credited with establishing during her tenure the first Shelter for Abused Women in Saint Lucia, the first Mother to Child HIV Prevention of Transmission Programme, as well as bringing awareness to the appalling state of mental health treatment and initiating a successful programme of mental health reform.

In 2006 Sarah historically became the first woman to hold the Office of Speaker of the House of Assembly of Saint Lucia.

In 2008 she was appointed Deputy Permanent Representative of Saint Lucia to the United Nations where she led CARICOM efforts to protect the family.

She returned to active politics in 2006 and was elected for the third time.

Sarah is currently the Minister responsible for External Affairs in the Government of Saint Lucia, and Member of Parliament for Castries Central.


Moving Forward

The time has come for an organized, well-structured, effective and sustainable home-grown Caribbean approach to solving our social and economic problems. The Caribbean Centre for Family and Human Rights (CARIFAM) was founded in February 2012 to ensure a vibrant and effective Caribbean wide response to the escalating attacks on universally recognized fundamental human rights and to protect the natural family as the building block of society.

The Family Centre was fully commissioned in May 2019, and operates as Saint Lucia’s first, and only Crisis Pregnancy Centre.

Board Of Directors

Margaret-Anne Charles

Rev Fr Linus Clovis PhD

Caroline Flood-Edgar

Family Centre Management Team