Programme Objectives

1. To provide temporary housing to young mothers who are pregnant, contemplating abortion, and who need temporary housing.

2. To provide a safe, nurturing environment to support a safe and healthy pregnancy.

3. To facilitate pre-natal and post-natal medical care as needed.

4. To provide parenting education.

5. To provide life skills and character education which will equip them to make wise choices as individuals and as parents.

6. To provide relationship education to equip them to build healthy personal relationships, and strong, healthy families.

7. To provide vocational skills training to enable them to secure gainful employment, to become economically empowered, and to break the cycle of poverty and avoid repeat unplanned pregnancies.

8. To provide adequate child care support to enable them to continue study, training, and work engagements.

9. To help and facilitate the transition from temporary to permanent housing.

Father Involvement:

10. To facilitate and encourage father involvement, and healthy bonding with
children and fathers, and between parents.

This programme is currently under development. Please contact us for further information.